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A Determinant Laragh Side take U16 Division 2 Crown

posted 7 Aug 2012, 04:14 by Unknown user   [ updated 7 Aug 2012, 04:16 ]
Laragh United -v- Templeport Division 2 U16 Championship Final

Laragh underage captured their third big title of the season on Wednesday evening last when their U16 side took gold in the division 2 u16 championship final in Kingspan Breffini Park when they overcame a valiant Templeport side. The Laragh side opened with the first play of the game ending with a point from half forward Declan Smith. Laragh continued, with attacks coming from both Eoin Cooney and Raymond Lackey however these ended with very unlucky wides just of the near post. Templeport came back fighting with full forward Hayden Kellegher taking his first score a point from a well taken free 25 metres out. Play continued with Laraghs corner forward Eoin Cooney impressing the crowd to no ends when showing his ability to flick up a ball without breaking his stride. Templeports midfield started to show some dominance and began to run at the Laragh defence however this caused some frustration when their attacks were broken down and some great displays of tackling was shown by full back Cieran Cooney, corner back Fergal Mc Kenna and half back Peter Donnelly.  Templeports Dylan Raythorne was defiant and showed great pace and skill when he won the ball at midfield and ran through to hit a fantastic shot into the back of the Laragh net. This lifted the Templeport side and in the next play a foul committed on Templeports Brain Farrell was again taken by Dylan Raythorne and Raythorne gave a demonstration of his determination and strength by kicking it over the bar from 45metres out. Templeport continued to put immense pressure on the Laragh defence running at them while in possession this gave rise to great scores coming from full forward Hayden Kellegher, and a well taken free from half forward Daragh O Shea.  The Laragh side however even though scores were getting through kept their composure and didn’t panic even when in Laraghs next attack the ball was overturned by half back Micheal Devine he gave a quick ball into midfielder Dylan Raythorne who kicked over the bar from 40metres out. At this point in the game the Laragh side stepped it up, and their determination slowly began to shine through. Firstly Eoin Cooney playing corner forward made a great run for a well-placed ball kicked in by ace kicker Raymond Lackey  this ended wide of the post. Not deterred and with the blood up Eoin Cooney came from nowhere to win the next kick out and quickly passed to his brother Steven on the run through the centre to kick accurately over the black spot. This was followed by a well taken free kick by full forward Conor O Rourke to leave four points between the sides. Laragh continued to hack away at Templeports lead with good play between Conor o Rourke and Ray Lackey ending with a second point from a seriously hard working Steven Cooney.  Again Steven showed his hard work strategy in winning the ball for Laraghs next attack and passing accurately into his brother Eoin who wasn’t found wanting kicking over for his first of the game. Laragh continued to hold the ball in the Templeport half  with great defending coming from Half backs Micheal Devine and Jason Doonan the Laragh side had to work extra hard to get rewards on the scoreboard. The consistent hard work from the Laragh forward lines eventually paid off when a shot well taken by Eoin Cooney was blocked by goalie Eoin O Reilly the ball was won by a nifty Jack Mc Kenna who tried his luck at goal but was unlucky to hear the ball echo of the crossbar the rebounded ball was picked up by full forward Conor O Rourke who powered through on the run to hit the back of the Templeport net. Both sides exchanged plays before the break with Laraghs powerhouse Daragh Brady at midfield kicking wide and Laraghs corner back Cormac Reilly giving a display of tackling showing his determination skill and hunger in breaking down an attack by Templeports Shane Gilligan. However Templeports persistence paid off when half forward Daragh O Shea kicked over a free from the 30 metre mark given for hard tackling, at this the half time whistle blew leaving the scores level at the break at 1-06 apiece.

The second half opened with Laraghs midfielder Fiachra Donohoe whom had a fantastic game at midfield win the ball from the throw up at hit full forward Conor O Rourke with an accurate pass straight on the chest, O Rourke used his speed and made no mistake and leaving it between the posts. From this point onward the Laragh side began to dominate and players such as Ian Leddy and Peter Donnelly really showed how much they wanted the win by dominating and working their socks of in their positions. Laraghs next score came from a free taken by Conor O Rourke. Conor lead by example throughout the game making fantastic runs and never gave up through the sixty minutes. This could have also been said for Steven Cooney whom covered every inch of Breffini Park on the night. Corner back Fergal Mc Kenna also really stepped up in the second half and showed tremendous courage on numerous occasions winning high balls and clearing his line in two on one situations. This lead to Laraghs next score of the game which probably was the score of the match the ball was carried forward by Daragh Brady kicked on to Eoin Cooney who showed his tremendous skill keeping possession and finally passing to a Conor O Rourke who hit a massive score on the run high over the bar. The Laragh midfield were really were dominating at this point with the pairing of Fiachra Donohoe and Daragh Brady , both players played off each other and supported extremely well this was demonstrated with Laraghs next score coming of Brady set up by Donohoe. Templeport made some attempts to salvage the game at this point however fantastic defending by the gutsy Ian Leddy and the hard working Jason Rahill meant that all attacks were broken down before they became a threat. Laraghs next score came from a great run up the field by the never tiring Steven Cooney from the midfield mark to kick high over the bar. Templeport took the next score winning the ball in the next kick out and being rewarded a free kick for a foul in the Laragh half back line , this was easily kicked over by the excellent Daragh O Shea.  The final minutes of the second half continued full of excitement Laraghs Eoin Cooney continued to entertain the crowd winning a lot of ball around the 45m line and each time using his trade mark flick to toe up the ball which allowed him to flick the ball into his hands without breaking his stride or bending his back. Jack Mc Kenna playing corner forward and Laraghs sub Aaron Reddington playing half forward were busy throughout the second half and made some great runs on the wings.  Full forward Conor O Rourke took the next score again a good score taken on the run in which he used all his determination to break through the Templeport defence with  midfielder Dylan Raythorne  now playing in the full back position biting at his heels. Fiachra Donohoe won the ball from the kick out in the next play kicked into Eoin Cooney who held the ball and recycled back out to Donohoe who came powering through the centre to kick high over the bar. The excitement was stepped up another level in the next play when a late challenge on Dylan Raythorne was punished with the reward of a penalty to the Templeport side. This was well taken by Raythorne however Laragh goalie Fergal O Rourke was not to be beat making a fantastic save. Templeport never gave up and took two more scores before the final whistle the first coming from a free taken by Hayden Kellegher and the second coming from an extremely hard effort by Liam McAweeney who won the ball at midfield and carried through to kick over the bar. However it was too late and Laraghs full forward Connor O Rourke drove the team home when he kicked over a fantastic point  from a ball well worked in the full forward line between the hard working Ryan O Donnell and Eoin Cooney which was passed to Connor coming through on the run the final whistle blew and Laragh were deservedly  crowned u16 Division 2 Champions in what was an exciting and extremely good game of football from two teams who gave it their all for the sixty minutes.

Laragh United: Fergal O Rourke, Fergal Mc Kenna, Cieran Cooney, Cormac Reilly, Ian Leddy, Jason Rahill (Capt), Peter Donnelly, Darren Brady, Fiachra Donohoe, Declan Smith, Stephen Cooney, Raymond Lackey, Eoin Cooney, Connor O Rourke, Jack Mc Kenna.

Subs: Aaron Reddington, Ryan O Donnell, James  O Rourke, Kieran Reilly, Ryan Conway, Conor Tully, Ryan Smith.

Management: Thomas Mc Kenna, Gary Smith, Colm Mc Kenna, Gerry Murray.

Templeport: Eoin O Reilly, Brendan Mc Goldrick, Patrick Mc Goldrick, Conor Mc Aweeney, Jason Doonan, Micheal Devine, Aaron Donohoe, Liam Mc Aweeney, Dylan Raythorne, Brain Farrell, Daragh O Shea, Shane Galligan Hayden Kellegher, Paul O Brien.

Subs: Kilian Leonard, Conor Mimnagh, Ryan Kelly, Ryan Bannon, art Mc Goldrick, Darren Kellegher.

Management: Patrick Mc Guire, Seamus Martin, T.F. O Rourke, Micheal Smith.