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Laragh v Killinkere

posted 11 May 2013, 05:59 by Unknown user   [ updated 13 May 2013, 06:18 ]
In what was always promised to be a tough battle it lived up to expectations as local rivalry kicked in and gave both teams an extra cause in Stradone last Saturday evening. The first score of the game didn’t come until four minutes into play with hard tackles both ends of the field play was eventually broken down in the Laragh full back line and with a foul committed Killinkeres Emmet Fitzsimons punished kicking the free over the bar. It was another four Minutes before another score went up on the board this time for the Laragh side in what was a great move by Laraghs midfielder Declan Brady playing a ball into full forward Ruirai Power taking the return pass and kicking high over the bar. Again in the tenth minute both teams exchanged scores this time a free for Killinkere again taken by the accurate Fitzsimons and Laraghs Conal Donohoe kicked high over the bar at the end of a fast move up the field by Declan Brady and Ruirai Power. With both teams fighting to keep position the ball seemed to go from one end of the field to the other each team fighting hard to niggle their way towards goal.  Killinkere got through in the 15th minute and a one on one shot taken by Brian Clarke hit accurately and with plenty of power was somehow spectrally saved by the Laragh goalie Joe Donohoe the ball was deflected out and hard tackling in the Laragh full back line lead to a subsequent free being awarded to Killinkere which again was put over by Fitzsimons. In as many minutes after the kick out again a Killinkere attack was broken down a free was awarded and again Fitzsimons punished kicking accurately over the bar. The next few plays went Laraghs way, from a kick out won at midfield by Laraghs Declan Brady linking with Cian O Rourke at taking the ball back running through shot from 30 metres out high over the bar for a great score. From the kick out again Laraghs midfield who were winning the battle this time Derek Hand won the ball and kicked accurately to Conal Donohoe who was on the run out of the full forward line kicked accuracy over the bar from 30 metres out. At this stage in the game it was obvious the eventual winners would be deserving as neither side gave the other an inch and although the game went through long periods of no scoring on either side play was up and down the field. Before the half time whistle both sides exchanged scores Laraghs Ruirai Power curled over a free kick taken from the left and Killinkeres Emmet Fitzsimons kicked over a great score taken on the run in what was a great move up the field by Killinkeres midfielder Noel Mc Govern. 

At the half time whistle it was 5 points apiece.  After the throw in from the interval Laragh got the dream start the ball was won in the throw in and Laraghs Enda Cullivan found Conal Donohoe who shot high over the bar for a Laragh point. Again from the kick out Laraghs midfield broke the ball and Enda Cullivan sweeping up carried forward and kicked high over the bar from 30 metres out. the next kick out again was won by the Laragh midfield pairing of Declan Brady and Derek Hand who both were dominating and dictating the play this time Derek Hand kicked into the full forward line the ball was won by Conal Donohoe who had it over the bar before the full back had any chance to defend. The next play however saw Laraghs corner forward Liam Mc Kenna win the ball behind the corner back turning and shooting into the back of the net, Laragh had scored 1-03 four minutes into the second half. Killinkere who were now in trouble made mistakes and the next two attacks ended in frees and Laraghs Paddy Rudden punished kicking two consecutive frees over the bar. It was ten minutes into the second half before Killinkere got their first score of the half it was a free kick taken by the ever accurate Emmet Fitzsimons whose right boot had taken all of their scores so far in the game all of which were free kicks.  However the next play went again in Killinkeres favour this time a real nice point kicked from play by the busy corner forward Ciaran Sextain who won the ball on the run and sliced over from 40 metres out. Emmet Fitzsimons took Killinkeres next score hitting the ball on the run in a move up the field by half forward Anthony Brady. The next play saw the ball moved quickly up the field by Killinkeres James Clarke who shot in a one on one encounter with Laragh goalie Joe Donohoe who again made a spectacular save the ball was deflected outfield picked up by Emmet Fitzsimons who kicked it over the bar for his eight point of the game. However Laragh after taking their foot of the gas came back into the game this time the ball was worked up the field and given to half forward Cian O Rourke who was on the run headed for goal shooting into the back of the net for a great finish. Laragh continued on the attack again putting Killinkeres defence under enormous pressure this resulted in a penalty for the Laragh side which was taken by Conal Donohoe who blasted it into the top corner of the net.  The next score again was taken again by Donohoe in the 21st minute the ball was carried forward by Liam Brady who hit Donohoe and kicked it over the bar. Killinkeres hard working Ciaran Sextain kicked their two next scores on both occasions he worked extremely hard winning the ball far out and carrying forward to kick over the bar. Killinkere continued to put pressure on the Laragh defence and got their reward the referee awarding a penalty in their favour in the 26th minute. This was taken by Fitzsimons but was stopped by the Laragh Goalie who had a fantastic game in his senior debut.  The final score of the game came from a free kick awarded to the Laragh side kicked over by the ever accurate Paddy Rudden. The final whistle blew to a great cheer from the home side which ended with a score Laragh 3-13 Killinkere 0-11 

Laragh United: Joe Donohoe, Phil Fitzsimons, Ciaran Donohoe, Eoin Donohoe, Sheamus Cooney, Liam Brady, Derek Hand, Declan Brady, Cian O Rourke, Paddy Rudden, Enda Cullivan, Liam Mc Kenna, Ruirai Power, Conal Donohoe. 

Killinkere: Sean Mc Govern, Breen Smith, James Tackney, Mairtin Reilly, Michael Duff, Gary Denning, Kevin Mc Cabe, Noel Mc  Govern, Declan Smith, Anthony Brady, John B Smith, Darren Smith, Ciaran Sextain, Brian Clarke, Emmit Fitzsimons.