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Laragh vs Mountnugent

posted 24 Apr 2013, 09:12 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 Apr 2013, 09:13 ]

Sunday afternoon in Stradone seen what could have been classified as one of the most competitive games of football played on the pitch in quite some time, with both sides really up for the game right from the very start. It was Mountnugent who got of first scoring a fantastic score with David Givney winning the ball at midfield linking with has half forward who found corner forward Eurich Reilly who kicked high over the blackspot.

The ball was no sooner kicked out when Mountnugent were on attack again this time corner forward Geard Barkley took a shot on goal which was deflected by the Laragh goalie the deflection was picked up by centre forward Liam Hennessey who buried it in the back of the net for a great finish. 

The Mountnugent side kept the pressure on with Ciaran Caffrey again in the next play winning a high ball 30 metres out and kicking high over the bar. Laragh five minutes in got their first chance of a score which was a well placed 45 kicked accurately over by Laraghs marksman Conal Donohoe.  The next play again went Laraghs way when a foul in Mountnugents half back line was converted by Paddy Rudden to give Laragh two points to Mountnugents 1-02.  Both sides were now in contention and not giving each other an inch the ball was played up and down the field with some hard tackling all over the field. Five minutes must have passed before  Mountnugents David Givney won a fantastic high catch at midfield and kicked accurately into corner forward Eurich Reilly who came running out to win the ball and without breaking stride kicked high over the bar for a great score. Laragh keeping their cool kept hackling at the Mountnugent defence and under pressure gave away another free which Paddy Rudden kicked over in punishment. Again Mountnugent working from their full back line worked the ball up the field at great pace with half forward Adam Paterson kicking a good point on the run. In the next play the ball was broken down in the Laragh full back line with Declan King overturning the play finding the determined Ruirai Power who worked the ball up the field right into Mountnugent full back line who blocked his shot on goal and the deflected ball saw Laraghs Adrian Cooney get on the end of it and power it into the back of the net. Laragh continued on from this and their next attack saw Power being fouled which again Paddy Rudden kicked accurately over the bar. 

The game really had picked up pace at this stage and again Givney who had a great game played in a high ball towards the Laragh goals, full forward Geard Barkley made a timely run and got his fist on the end of it into the back of the net catching  Laraghs goalie Martin Smith completely of guard.  The kickout saw Givney again win the ball at midfield and find corner forward Liam Hennessy with an accurate long range pass who kicked it high over the bar. Laraghs next two scores came of the never tiring Paddy Rudden the first was a well taken free kick, the second came of Gerry Murray who won a high ball kicked into the full forward line breaking through some hard tackles found Paddy Rudden who came powering through to kick high over the bar. The last play of the half saw a good score come of Mountnugents half forward Steven Smith who worked really hard to hold onto the ball breaking through some really hard tackling to get his first point of the game. The first half ended with a score Mountnugent 2-06 Laragh 1-06.

After a prolonged interval while a heavy shower cleared both sides came out fighting, the ball was played up and down the field and attacks were broken down in either half of the field with displays of some great defending by both sides. It was Mountnugents county man again who got the first score of the half Givney working the ball up the field and shooting for a great point 5 minutes in. Laragh were next on the attack with pitch conditions much deteriorated with the heavy rain in very slippy conditions the ball was worked up the field until it reached Conal Donohoe who didn’t think twice kicking it over in his trademark seamless move from 30metres out.  The Laragh defence was put under considerable pressure and Mountnugent were through for goal but the ball was broken down on the Laragh goal line by the capable Shane O Rourke.  However minutes again the determination of the Mountnugent attacks paid off and no. 14 Liam Hennessy hit the back of the net.  Laraghs Cian O Rourke who worked hard throughout the game hit Paddy Rudden with a perfect pass and Rudden shot high over the bar from 30metres out. Laraghs next score came from a well taken free by Ruirai Power. Mountnugent attacked again with Liam Hennessy winning the ball in the half forward line and kicking over the bar on the run. Laraghs response came from Midfielder Declan Brady who after great link play between Declan King, Colin Mc Kenna and Ruirai Power kicked a vital score for the Laragh side and really lifted momentum coming into the closing minutes. Laragh half back on senior debut Eoghan Donohoe broke down a Mountnugent attack and linked with Ruirai Power who kicked a terrific point.  

With just a goal in it and only moments remaining the Laragh men made one last attempt Paddy Rudden played in a high ball to Eoghan Donohoe who took it down and kicked it along the ground where the crafty Conal donohoe got a boot to it to land it in the back of the net to an almighty cheer from the Laragh crowd a great finish for the Laragh side and at that the referee called full time final score Laragh 2-11 Mountnugent 3-08.