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U-14 Div 1 League Final: Laragh Utd v Crosserlough

posted 12 Jul 2013, 05:02 by Unknown user   [ updated 12 Jul 2013, 06:59 ]

Last Tuesday evening saw what was described by many as one of the best games of football ever 
played between two hard working teams whom were busting with new exciting talent. It was expected to be a good game but a display of football was given by both sides which lead to an exciting finish in which the Laragh side returned home champions beating the Crosserlough side narrowly with just one point to spare. 

Laragh opened the game on the attack with the throw up being won by ace midfielder Paul Smith who linked with Pauric O Reilly who carried the ball up field and shot under pressure for a great first point. The third minute of the game saw a goal for the Crosserlough side coming of star half forward Peter Smith who won the ball and carried in to shoot from the left 15 metres out. The next few plays saw the ball being moved up and down the field by both sides with some great displays of tackling all over the field. It was seven minutes in before the next score came this time Laragh kept the ball in the full forward line but could not break the Crosserlough defence the ball was played back out to the accurate Paul Smith who pointed it easily from 30 metres out. From this Laragh again won the kick out and played the ball into Pauric O Reilly who was playing up front shot a great score from a very difficult angle.  Crosserlough were next to get on the scoreboard scoring 1-02 in three minutes of play. The first of these scores was point in the thirteenth minute when full forward Patrick Lynch won the ball back of the Laragh defence and worked the ball into scoring range under immense pressure to kick over a great point. Following on from this corner forward Nathan Galligan kicked over a similar styled point in the next play of the game. The sixteenth minute saw a fantastically worked gaol coming of the other corner forward Emmett Boylan after fantastic link play between the Crosserlough half and full forward lines who kept the ball in the danger zone until the chance for a score was presented in which Emmett took no chances and shot dead into the back of the net to a cheering crowd. Celebrations were shot lived as Laragh got back into the game, Laraghs Barry Davis after a tough tackle overturned Crosserlough procession and the ball was played to the talented Mark Brady who carried forward and found Pauric O Reilly who  gave a fantastic performance throughout the game shot high over the bar from a difficult angle. The game was twenty minutes in at this stage and with both sides giving it their all it gave spectators an extremely exciting game to watch. The 22 performance a centre half back overturned a Crosserlough attack and linked with Adrian Lackey who sent the ball forward into Max O’Dea who found Pauric O Reilly running through at speed and shot under pressure for a great goal the ball travelling straight into the back of the net. Laragh continued to pressurise the Crosserlough defence and this ended with a free for the Laragh side forty metres out. Laraghs Midfielder Paul Smith who was all over the field stepped up to take it off the ground for a two pointer, the ball was kicked accurately and just dropped short into the arms of Pauric O Reilly who kicked it over his head and over the bar without even looking at the goals as the crowd looked on in awe of this young players great talent. The next play again saw a similar feat repeated as Paul Smith caught the kick out and played it straight to Pauric O Reilly who once again kicked it effortlessly over the bar. Crosserlough finished the half strong and in their first attack Laraghs goalie Dominic Gillick who kept great order over his back line saved a one on one shot for goal. Crosserlough continued to attack and got the ball up into the forward line and after some great link play and hard work corner forward Nathan Galligan hit it over the bar for a great score at that the nd  minute saw Laragh get their first goal of the match Jake Mc Govern who gave a solid half time whistle blew leaving the sides at a draw going into the break with Crosserlough 2-03 and Laragh 1-06.

The second half opened with great excitement with Laragh winning a penalty for late tackle in the first few minutes Laraghs star midfielder Paul Smith stepped up and buried it into the back of the Crosserlough net. Laragh continued to attack and were unlucky not to get a second goal in the next play as the hard working Lee Reilly and Eoghan Walsh’s shot on goal were denied. However Laragh kept on working and Paul Smith carried the ball into the Crosserlough full back line and laid of the crafty Barry Davis who shot straight into the back of the Crosserlough net. For the next few plays 
Crosserlough really kept the pressure on the Laragh backline, this resulted in a point for corner forward Nathan Galligan who won the ball back from a Laragh clearance and kicked for a tremendous point. On the next kick out Crosserloughs midfielder Ben Kelly-Smith carried the ball forward showing his strength and skill and shot dead into the back of the Laragh net a fantastic score. Crosserlough continued with this reign of attack however Laraghs back line of Ciaran O Grady, Hayden Smith and Shane Smith gave displays of tackling, hard work and skill winning the ball back and keeping scores of the board. Laraghs corner forward Nial Fitzpatrick showed great leadership and heart at this vital stage in the game covering an enormous amount of ground tackling back and taking the ball up the field, and in the fifteenth minute of the second half a ball hit into him by Pauric O Reilly ended with Nial ( Fitzy ) Fitzpatrick placing it in the back of the net for Laraghs fourth goal of the game. Celebrations again were short lived as Crosserlough never giving up came back with half forward Peter Smith carrying forward and passing to midfielder James Smith who shot it dead into the Laragh net 15m out. The next play again saw Crosserlough half back Connor Byrd win the kick out; hit an accurate ball to Peter Smith who shot over a great point on the run while fighting of immense pressure from the Laragh half back line. The 21 
when a high ball was kicked into their full forward line and it was fisted into the back of the Laragh net by the ever ready Peter Smith who played his heart out over the sixty minutes. With only seven minutes on the clock Laraghs Nial Fitzpatrick caught a free kick taken by Paul Smith turned and shot over the bar. The 26 handed won the ball after jumping up from injury and kicked over the bar to the crowds amazement. It was either team’s game and with nothing between the teams both sides continued to play it really gave the crowd a nail biting finish. In the 28 overturned a Crosserlough attack in Laraghs half back line and linked with Hayden Smith who cleared the ball to the hard working Jamie Cooney who carried forward and kicked over the bar to a great cheer from the Laragh crowd. The final moments saw both sides trying to move the ball forward however the defence on neither side was letting anything through as the final whistle sounded Laragh were crowned U-14 Division 1 League Champions winning the game with a final score of Laragh 4-09 to Crosserloughs 5-05. th minute saw Laragh draw the game again Fitzy who was not going home empty 

Laragh United

Dominic Gillick, Ciaran O Grady, Hayden Smith, Shane Smith, Jaime Cooney, Jake Mc Govern, Adrian Lackey, Paul Smith, Pauric O Reilly, Barry Davis, Lee Reilly, Max O Dea, Niall Fitzpatrick, Mark Brady, Eoghan Walsh.

Subs: Morgan Mc Govern, Sean Mc Guire, Gavin Brady, David Smith, Nial Brady, Ryan Carroll, Oisin Callaghan, Shane Tully, Seamus O Rourke.


Ben Galligan,Phelim Maguire, Edward Devereaux-Gilsenan, John Cooke, Brian Mallocca, Connor Byrd, Michael Smith, James Smith, Ben Kelly Smith, Brandon Boylan, Peter Smith, Sean Briody, Emmett Boylan, Patrick Lynch, Nathan Galligan.

Subs: Cian Boylan, Sean Harten, Sean Mc Gaheran, Evan Charters, Adam Charters, Dappo Olarewgu, Donnacha Comiskey, Patrick Keaney, Connor Mc Givney, Aaron Cooke, Garrett Boylan, Cormac, Boylan, Leighton Lyons.