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Laragh United U13 Division 1 Champions

posted 9 Jul 2012, 11:59 by Unknown user

It what can only be described as a trilling game of football the Laragh United u13 side were crowned U13 division 1 champions in Breffini park last Wednesday evening against a fantastic hard working Gowna side. The Laragh side gave it their all throughout, and took the lead for the start however the determined Gowna side never gave up and put up a serious fight until the final whistle. Laragh opened the scoreboard in the first minute of play with a point from the very confident Barry Davis whom was a leader on the field for his side on the day. Laragh continued with the pressure and ended with a goal from the extremely accurate Barry Davis, in the fifth minute a goal which was masterfully taken into the top corner by the half forward, with Paul Smith at midfield winning the ball from the kick out. The next play of the game saw Laragh half forward Eoin Walsh fouled and Paul Smith stepping up to place an extremely accurate kick over the bar from the 45 metre line of the ground for a two point reward.  Laragh continued to build on this momentum and full forward Mark Brady broke a down a Gowna move up the field in the half forward line and carried the ball towards goal finding the crafty Barry Davis who kicked on the run again into the top corner of the Gowna net to give Laragh a second goal only seven minutes into the game. However Laragh were not to have it all their way with the Gowna midfielder Cian Madden winning the next kick out at midfield and carrying up the field, Madden whom had an excellent game and gave 110 percent  throughout, shot for goal, however the ever ready  Laragh goalie Dominic Gillick whom again played a stormer and kept the Laragh side in it on more than one occasion made a spectacular save and defected the ball out of the danger area, it was picked up by Gownas marksman Oisin Pierson and shot confidently over the bar for Gowna first score of the game. The next five minutes consisted of end to end football with fantastic displays of football from Laraghs Padhraic O Reilly in the half forward line who covered every inch of the field. This was matched by Gownas defence with full back Paul Brady giving a display of football in the full back position. Gownas Oisin Pierson tried extremely hard to improve Gownas score line and always looked dangerous on the ball however Laraghs talented full back Hayden Smith gave an extreme performance and worked extremely hard keeping the frustrated Oisin at bay. Gowna however were first to break after extreme defending by both sides with two consecutive points from Cian Madden who used all his strength and determination to graft the scores.  The next play saw Laragh get their third goal of the half which saw Laraghs skilful Lee Reilly kick an extremely accurate pass into No. 10 Barry Davis who knocked down the pass and in one seamless move kicked into the back of the Gowna net to the crowd’s amazement. Gowna undeterred by the widening score line continued to work hard trying to carve a way through Laraghs tight defence, winning and kicking over two consecutive frees kicked over from the ground by Cian Madden to deservedly put up 4 points for his side. Gownas next score was a text book display with a high ball being won by full forward Oisin Pierson and passing off to half forward Fionnan Brady on the run through the centre who kicked over a fantastic point for his side. Laragh however came back fighting with corner forward Shane Tully stepping up and carrying the ball 30 metres through the Gowna defence showing strength and determination to kick a deserving point over the bar. Taking from Shane Tully’s example Mark Brady was next up kicking over another hard earned point. Cian Madden came through again for Gowna kicking over a fantastic point from 30 metres out. Laraghs Padhraic O Reilly matched his effort kicking over a similar point for the Laragh side again from 30 metres out with Paul Smith showing remarkable determination winning the ball in a hard tackle in the Laragh half line and carrying up the field. Laragh midfielder the skilful Lee Reilly who put in a specular effort got the next score a great point for his side.  The closing minutes of the half saw Gowna full forward Oisin Madden kick a spectacular score from the right side a free kick of the ground over the bar to claim two points for his side. This was matched by a free kick again kicked off the ground by Paul Smith who accurately sailed it through over the blackspot to match Gowna two points in the play before. The ending play of the half saw Gownas engine Cian Madden work extremely hard to claim a deserving point kicked on the run to the half time whistle blow. Half time score Laragh United 3-09 to Gowna 0-12

The second half started with a Laragh free, kicked over of the ground by Paul Smith. Laragh continued to put pressure on the Gowna defence resulting in Laraghs courageous Nial Fitzpatrick (Fitzy) being fouled and again kicked over of the ground  by the ever accurate Paul Smith. The next few plays saw an extreme effort by Gownas Paul Langtry, Cian Madden, Owen Reilly, Aaran Reilly and Oisin Pierson to try and rein in the Laragh lead however every effort was broken down in the Laragh defence by the strong and willing Jamie Cooney, Adrian Lackey, and Max O Dea all three players in the half back line showed remarkable determination and skill in both defending and in making runs when Laragh were on attack. Laraghs Lee Reilly lifted momentum notching up Laraghs next score a great point where Lee showed great leadership winning the ball from a Laragh kick out carrying up the field and kicking over on the run. Gowna continued to try to break down the Laragh defence moving  Oisin Pierson out to the half forward line and trying to run at the full back line, this came to little avail as the Laragh full back line of Shane Smith, Hayden Smith and Cieran O Grady stood strong showing all their strength and skill. Gownas Aaron Reilly found this out as he was blocked down shooting for goal by Cieran O Grady as did Gownas corner forward Connor Reilly  as he was in a one on one situation with the Laragh Goalie when full back Hayden Smith came from nowhere to block down his attack. Barry Davis lifted the Laragh side again to take the next score a well taken point on the run, from a ball that was courageously won by the busy half forward Eoin Walsh who continuously made great runs on the wing and created great moves between Laraghs half back and full forward line. Laraghs Adrian Lackey also has to be complimented in this regard giving a fantastic performance as centre half back, tackling hard, winning ball and always delivering accurate passes. Gowna however not beaten yet with half back Cian Harton winning a Gowna kick out passing to Cian Madden, Madden laid off to corner forward Connor Madden and kept running through to receive the ball on the run and kick into the back of the Laragh net in a great display of football. Gowna continued to attack again winning the next kick out and looking for another goal were blocked down on two attempts by Hayden Smith and Shane Smith however the on fire Cian Madden came through to kick it over the bar for a Gowna point. Paul Smith again stepped up for the Laragh side kicking over a two pointer a free in the half forward line. The closing minutes saw both sides put in some great efforts to make this a spectacular final and thrilling for the crowd to watch. Laraghs Max O Dea showed no sign of laying of the pedal and gave an example of tackling and defending in his half breaking down Gownas efforts. However Gowna still looking for a goal to narrow the score difference saw midfielder Owen Reilly to break through for a one on one chance with Laragh goalie Dominic Gillick at point blank range however in what only can be described as a miraculous save Dominic kept the ball out of the Laragh net, lifting his side for the last few minutes and spurring on the crowd behind them. The ball was played up the field and saw an eager Sean Mc Guire running out to win it, but just kicked wide of the post. The next play saw great bit of link play in the Gowna forward line between Ryan Donohoe and an Oisin Pierson which saw Pierson get what was to be their last point of the game. Barry Davis made one last attempt for goal and ended with a one on one with Gownas goalie Kevin Brennan however the Gowna man held his ground making again a fantastic save. Laragh took the last score in the final play in a great effort which saw supersub Sean Mc Guire win the ball breaking down a Gowna move in their half back line pass to Barry Davis who found Nial Fitzpatrick storming through the middle to kick the final score a well taken point on the run that sailed over the blackspot. The final whistle blew and the Laragh crowd erupted, showing their appreciation and pride of this group of young players coming through many of whom featured on their division 2 league champion side and who also represented their county in Feile 2012 this year reaching the semi-final of their division. The Pride often talked about is once again set firmly back in Laragh football.

Laragh United: 1.Dominic Gillick, 2 Shane Smith, 3.Hayden Smith, 4.Ciaran O Grady, 5.Jaimie Cooney, 6 Adrian Lackey, 7.Max O Dea, 8.Paul Smith, 9.Lee O Reilly, 10 Barry Davis, 11.Padhraic O Reilly, 12.Eoin Walsh, 13.Shane Tully, 14.Mark Brady, 15. Nial Fitzpatrick, 16.Oisin Callaghan, 17. Ryan Carroll, 18.Mattew Brady, 19.Sean Mc Guire, 20.Niall Brady, 21. Gavin Brady, 22. David Smith, 23.Killian Byrd. Subs 19.Sean Mc Guire, 18.Mattew Brady 17,. Ryan Carroll

Management: Alan Sexton, Noel Smith, Brian Maguire, Raymond Smith, Enda Tully, Terry Reilly, Brian Shiels

Gowna: 1.Kevin Brennan, 2.Micheal Smith, 3.Paul Brady, 4.Cormac Boylan, 5.Cian Harton, 6.Paul Landtry, 7.Rhys Hudsn, 8.Owen Reilly, 9.Cian Madden, 10.Tiarnan Madden, 11.Aaron Reilly, 12Fionnan Brady, 13.Ryan Donohoe, 14.Oisin Pierson, 15.Conor Reilly, 16.Cillian O Reilly, 17.Brian O’ Reilly, 18.Diarmuid Boylan, 19. Jack Madden, 20 David Mellor, 21.John Reilly, 22. Frank Casey.

Management: Eamon O’ Reilly, Ronan Bannon, Donal O’ Reilly