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Nomination Letter and Form 2016

posted 28 Nov 2016, 03:10 by Laragh Utd PRO

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Laragh United GAA




Dear Member(s)


Laragh United GAA Senior AGM takes place on Saturday 10th of December at 7pm in Stradone Community Centre.  The 2017 Executive Committee will be elected at this meeting. All positions (excluding children’s officer and designated person) are available and can be filled by any club member of the Football or Camogie Club.  


You are invited to put forward nominations for each of the committee roles using the enclosed Nomination Form.  Please ensure your nominee(s) are willing to allow their name(s) go forward for election.  In the event of two or more people being nominated for the same position, a secret ballot will be held on the night of the AGM to decide a winner.


A list of nominees will be published on prior to the AGM.


All forms must be signed and returned to the secretary by post or email no later than 9pm Tuesday the 6th of December 2016 or by hand on the same date between 8pm-9pm at Stradone Community Centre.  Nominations will not be accepted by phone.  Copies of the nomination forms are also available on the club website and further details can be obtained from the Secretary or Chairman.


                                                                                                Is mise le meas.


                                                                                                Michael Walsh

                                                                                                Michael Walsh                                                                                                                                    Secretary                    

                                                                                                Laragh United GAA



Leathrach Aontaithe Ainmniuchain (Nominations)


Honorary President (s)            __________________________________________________­       


Cathaoirleach; (Chairperson)  __________________________________________________



Joint Vice Chairperson & Juvenile Chairperson   _____________________________________



Joint Vice Chairperson & Camogie Chairperson   _____________________________________


Runai: (Secretary)       _______________________________________________________




Leas Runai football club

(Asst. Sec. Football Club)       _________________________________________________         


Leas Runai Camogie Club     

(Asst. Sec. Camogie Club)      _________________________________________________



Joint Treasurers:

Football Club ___________________________ Camogie Club _______________________



Joint Registrars          

Football Club ___________________________ Camogie Club _______________________



Oigfigeach Caipreamh Poibli: (P.R.O.)          ______________________________________



Insurance Officer;       ________________________________________________________



Chairperson PJ Duke Park:     __________________________________________________



Development Officer:             __________________________________________________



Health & Wellbeing Officer:  __________________________________________________


Children’s Officer:                            (To be nominated by club executive only)


Designated Person:                           (To be nominated by club executive only)


Coaching Officer:                               _____________________________________________


Cultural Officer:                                 ______________________________________________









Signature: ___________________________  (All forms must be signed by a paid up member)


(Please ensure that your nominations reach the secretary on or before 6th of December at 9pm)








2016 Executive Committee


Chairperson: Sean Kelly                                          



Joint Vice Chairperson & Juvenile Chairperson: Adge King                              



Joint Vice Chairperson  & Camogie Chairperson: Treena Keenaghan



Secretary: Michael Walsh                                         



Asst. Secretary: Brian Shiels                                     Assist. Secretary: Michelle Smith



Joint Treasurer: Louise Reilly                                  Joint Treasurer; Aidan Brady


Joint Registrar: PJ Cahill                                          Joint Registrar:



P.R.O.: Ita Smith                                                        Insurance Officer; Gabrial Fitzsimons   

                                                                                                                      Damian McGivney       


Chairman PJ Duke Park: Phelim Brady                 Development Officer: Raymond Carroll



Health & Wellbeing Officer: Eddie McEntee          Children’s Officer: Shay Power



Coaching Officer: Raymond Maguire                       Cultural Officer: Benny Sexton



Designated Person: Ita Smith






(Persons high lighted in red are not going forward for re election at the AGM)